The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 62

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Expedition 48i

09 Mar 2023

  • Koko (Cleric 5)
  • Mandras Stonefist (Dwarf 3)
  • Rod (Fighter 1)

The adventurers opted to start heading south to see if they could find the way out. The tunnel they chose started to narrow, forcing them to advance in single file, and picking up the pace when they realised there was a dirty great spider coming down on those at the rear. The raced out and quickly fired arrows into the darkness, slaying the creature before it could do more than take a chunk out of one of the dogs.

They found themselves in a cavern, several scorched ratfolk skeletons on the floor and a charred black coating over the floor and walls seemingly emerging from another tunnel. The party decided not to linger, reckoning that if indeed they had found the dragon the King Under The Mountain had claimed to be an ally then they would need to regroup until they could be sure to hit it will all their might. They retreated back through the narrow passage.

Scouting through some more passages, the adventurers came across the apparently sleeping forms of two large lizards, hides glowing from heat underneath, with a slab covering a doorway beyond them. Warily they crept around the creatures, and Mandras and Greth heaved away at the massive chunk of stone. Despite the noise, the beasts did not stir.

Slipping inside, the party saw a great pile of skeletons upon which knelt the hunched figure of an armoured warrior, head bowed and a greatsword in his hand driven firmly into the pile. Closer inspection revealed that, despite the pristine condition of him and his armour, he was a dead. It was a very nice sword, though, and the armour was pretty good too. While most of his companions stripped the corpse of its equipment, Mandras found a secret door. He left the others to their quartermastering and head down the passage.

Finding another door at the end he opened it, and was greeted with a deep, polite ‘Good morning’ as a draconic eye turned to stare at him through the darkness…

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